Class Types

Every class at BigToe has a "style" and a "level". While these are generally quite indicative of how the class will be, it's ultimately up to the judgment of the teacher how they structure their class. Most experienced teachers vary the style and difficulty level based on the level of class participants.


Level 1

A Level 1 class is suitable for everyone including beginners.

Level 1/2

Except for absolute beginners, a Level 1/2 class is suitable for everyone. Unless you're an advanced practitioner, you will also find many opportunities to take your practice to the next level in these classes.

Level 2

A Level 2 class is suitable for people with a regular Yoga practice. The teacher generally assumes familiarity with the basic Yoga terms and postures.

Level 2/3

A Level 2/3 class offers challenging poses and variations. Practitioners who have enough experience to go only as deep in a pose as their breath would allow will find this class suitable.

Level 3

Practitioners who have at least a few years of dedicated practice and are confident in their ability to listen to their body will find joy in a Level 3 class.



As you move through synchronized breath and movement, these classes will likely leave you sweaty, open and inspired. Vinyasa Flow is typically characterized by sun salutations and a series of flowing standing and seated postures. Vinyasa classes generally consist of interlinked postures and create a movement meditation that reveal all forms as ephemeral.


Rookie Yoga is basically a Vinyasa Flow sequence specially designed for beginners as well as those who are looking to get back into Yoga after a break. More information on our Rookie Yoga classes can be found here.


An interactive experience of sound healing, yoga, and guided meditation. The experience may involve some light Yoga to get the energy flowing. Sounds are created through ancient Tibetan singing bowls which are sacred tools that reconnect you to your inner healing mechanism and cleanse and heal your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and cellular beings. Harmonize your mind, body, and soul. 


Body Positive Vinyasa classes utilize warming mandala flow, mantra, generous use of blocks and blankets, free movement, and body-affirming meditations and journaling exercises to build strength, flexibility, and confidence in the bodies we have right now. Open level flow, in a judgement-free zone, accessible for most beginners, with a few challenges along the way for more seasoned practitioners.


Tribe Yoga is a private Yoga and meditation class for your team, whether it be a sports team, corporate team or a wedding party.