+ How does this feature work?

This feature allows you to create your own class by renting our beautiful and fully-stocked studio at a very low price. Once you create the class, it will be instantly visible to all of our app users. After the class, you will be paid 80% ($9.60 per student) of the revenue based on our standard class price.

Introductory Special: For a limited-time, you can choose to pay a rent of only $10 for one class a week and you get to keep 70% of the revenue.

+ Can you give an example?

Yes, let's say you decide to teach a 65-min class. If there are 8 students in your class, your net earnings would be $47 (8 times 9.60 - $30 rent). For 12 students, you'll end up making $85.

Your breakeven point will be roughly 3 students.

+ Do you provide any tools to promote my class?

Our main promotion for your class comes from it being visible on the app to all our customers. In addition, you can share the class or invite your friends by clicking on the share icon next to the class. The most sustainable promotion comes from a skillful practice of your art.

+ Can I set my own price for the class?

No. Your class will be priced at 12 credits consistent with our pricing for other classes. We believe that setting different class prices will be confusing for students and that your monetary reward will come from your teaching skills and experience through higher volume of students rather than by charging them higher.

Questions? Email Info@BigToe.fit. Please also join the Facebook group "BigToe Yoga teachers" for teacher community discussions.